Welcome to our Solidarity Leave page! We are delighted to welcome you on board.


In the context of its employee volunteering programme, the Kering Foundation gives you the opportunity of engaging in a solidarity mission by the side of NGOs, artisans or social entrepreneurs to the benefit of women. To get engaged and share your skills in a two-week mission, discover our various partners and the missions they offer. Don’t wait any longer, join the adventure and become an agent of change!


Steps to follow to join a solidarity mission:

1) Find out about our 4 partners and choose the organisation that best matches your profile and expectations.

2) After selecting the partner, fill out the registration form by clicking on “Apply”.

3) Upon receipt of your application, the Kering Foundation will confirm your registration via e-mail and will inform the partner that you have been selected. Plan for a conference call with the Kering Foundation team.

4) Register on our partner’s website and provide the information details necessary to prepare for your departure.

5) For any enquiry prior to the partner selection step, please contact the Kering Foundation at The partner you have selected will be your main contact to organise your mission.


Enjoy the adventure!

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